What Areas Of Your House Should You Clean Up Before A Real Estate Photos Are Taken?

What areas do you clean up in your house before the real estate photographer turns up to take pics? Nearly all home buying starts online these days, and many prospective home buyers will make their first ‘visit’ to your home just by looking at the online photos. The wrong images can keep buyers away, and you’ll never even know. This is why you’re likely wondering what parts of the home you need to clean up before someone shows up to take your home’s real estate photos, pics, and images.

Truth be told, you need to clean up the entire home. Nearly every room is going to get photographed if not all of them. The first guiding principle that you want to adhere to is cleaning up the home as much as possible. The second guiding principle that you should follow is letting buyers visualise themselves in your home as much as can be done.

Clean your whole home, including vacuuming, mopping any wooden floors, and cleaning windows and countertops. Turn on all of your lamps and overhead lights so you can find burned out bulbs and replace them. It’s also a good practice to use bulbs of identical temperatures, such as all compact fluorescent or all incandescent. Again, turn off all of your ceiling fans. You want balanced and even lighting without distracting or blurry movements.

Turn off all electronics. Open up your blinds and window treatments to let the natural light outside come in. Makeup all the beds. Remove any personal photographs, or replace them with general object and landscape images.

Put all shoes and jackets into closets. Also, pull up any small rugs to reveal the actual flooring underneath.

It would help if you also focused on your home’s exterior, too, since the front exterior is commonly the first photo seen by buyers. If you have a garage, close the door. Also, move any cars out of your property or even in front of your home. Tidy up the landscaping by clearing leaves, mowing, and trimming shrubs.

Remove visible water hoses, empty planters, toys, and any sporting equipment. Also, use a broom to get rid of any cobwebs from door frames or eaves.

When cleaning up any room or area, keep in mind that you want your images to project a warm and inviting feeling. Each space should look as if it’s ready for a new family, but also be free of defects that might worry them about having to fix things. Every room has a purpose, and photos should convey that. Bathrooms should feel like a refreshing spa. Bedrooms are a place to rest. The kitchen and living room are places for entertaining and social gathering. Any exterior garden space is for relaxing under the sun.

If you want to make the most of your real estate photos, you might want to consider hiring a staging consultant, or even stage the home. The right decorations and furniture are an investment, but the reward is a higher home sale value.