How to Take Real Estate Photos That Will Sell Your House 2021

When it comes to selling a house in the real estate market, the most important factor in photography, since the real estate market is very competitive, people demand high quality and outstanding photos of houses that are up for sale. If you are in the real estate market and want to sell your homes fast, then here are some tips and tricks for you to ensure that you’ll be able to deliver beautiful pictures that will help you sell your houses.

Tools and equipment

To begin with, you should have a camera. You should at least get a camera that can take a picture manually. A DSLR or a mirrorless would be helpful. Both of these cameras will do the job well. Additionally, you will need a wide-angle lens. This kind of lens is important because you’ll be able to make those tight spacing houses look spacious. A tripod can be useful too if you need to take photos at long exposure. Also, a tripod can help you stabilise your camera to avoid blurry results. 

If you are a beginner, all you really need are these three things; camera, tripod and wide-angle lens. 

Perfect timing

Capturing the object at a perfect time is essential. With real estate photography, it would be ideal for capturing the house in the daytime. Natural light is the best for you to capture stunning photos. So in order to get more natural light as possible, schedule your photoshoot in a daytime setting. If the weather is not good, then it would be best to postpone. As much as possible, do the photoshoot in perfect daylight.

Others prefer to take photos during the sunset. There is no doubt photos taken during sunset are absolutely spectacular. Now, if you want to take a picture of the house during sunset, make sure that the sunset is behind the house and not covering your subject. 

Inspect the property before your photoshoot schedule

There is no need to make a rush. Ensure that you check the property first before you start to take photos of the property. It’s important that you know important details about the house. You can bring along a conveyancer marrickville to help you identify what will make a house saleable.  Walk into the house and observe. You can also get your phone and take one or two pictures of each room. After checking the house, look at the photos you’ve taken and see if there are features you can use to highlight each room in your final photos. Doing this can help you highlight important details which you may have noticed at first glance.

Checking the house beforehand will help you ready the house, so everything is perfect on your photoshoot. Some issues can be addressed, and necessary corrections can be made.

Find the most creative angles

You can’t just stand in the corner and begin taking photos. The results will be too effortlessly obvious. Look for angles that will make the house look interesting. For example, take a picture of the interior from the doorway. This will enable you to show the maximum space of the house. If you find some distraction like appliances that may not be needed, remove them. Aim to produce a clear image of the house.

When taking photos, remember that you are taking pictures for your clients and not for yourself. A high-quality image and professional work are expected. You don’t need to purchase expensive tools, just the right equipment, and you are good to go. Remember, you don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment. You only need the basics, and you’ll still be able to produce stunning real estate images.