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How to Take Real Estate Photos That Will Sell Your House 2021

When it comes to selling a house in the real estate market, the most important factor in photography, since the real estate market is very competitive, people demand high quality and outstanding photos of houses that are up for sale. If you are in the real estate market and want to sell your homes fast, then here are some tips and tricks for you to ensure that you’ll be able to deliver beautiful pictures that will help you sell your houses.

Tools and equipment

To begin with, you should have a camera. You should at least get a camera that can take a picture manually. A DSLR or a mirrorless would be helpful. Both of these cameras will do the job well. Additionally, you will need a wide-angle lens. This kind of lens is important because you’ll be able to make those tight spacing houses look spacious. A tripod can be useful too if you need to take photos at long exposure. Also, a tripod can help you stabilise your camera to avoid blurry results. 

If you are a beginner, all you really need are these three things; camera, tripod and wide-angle lens. 

Perfect timing

Capturing the object at a perfect time is essential. With real estate photography, it would be ideal for capturing the house in the daytime. Natural light is the best for you to capture stunning photos. So in order to get more natural light as possible, schedule your photoshoot in a daytime setting. If the weather is not good, then it would be best to postpone. As much as possible, do the photoshoot in perfect daylight.

Others prefer to take photos during the sunset. There is no doubt photos taken during sunset are absolutely spectacular. Now, if you want to take a picture of the house during sunset, make sure that the sunset is behind the house and not covering your subject. 

Inspect the property before your photoshoot schedule

There is no need to make a rush. Ensure that you check the property first before you start to take photos of the property. It’s important that you know important details about the house. You can bring along a conveyancer marrickville to help you identify what will make a house saleable.  Walk into the house and observe. You can also get your phone and take one or two pictures of each room. After checking the house, look at the photos you’ve taken and see if there are features you can use to highlight each room in your final photos. Doing this can help you highlight important details which you may have noticed at first glance.

Checking the house beforehand will help you ready the house, so everything is perfect on your photoshoot. Some issues can be addressed, and necessary corrections can be made.

Find the most creative angles

You can’t just stand in the corner and begin taking photos. The results will be too effortlessly obvious. Look for angles that will make the house look interesting. For example, take a picture of the interior from the doorway. This will enable you to show the maximum space of the house. If you find some distraction like appliances that may not be needed, remove them. Aim to produce a clear image of the house.

When taking photos, remember that you are taking pictures for your clients and not for yourself. A high-quality image and professional work are expected. You don’t need to purchase expensive tools, just the right equipment, and you are good to go. Remember, you don’t necessarily need a lot of equipment. You only need the basics, and you’ll still be able to produce stunning real estate images.

What is photo laser engraving

When it comes to lasers, there are plenty of ways to play around with it. One popular way is engraving. It is really easy to understand this process. It uses a concentrated beam of energy to carve a design into an object. Photoengraving, therefore, is a way of transferring your photo to another surface in order to preserve the details of that photo that records your best memories.

Although there are many ways to engrave a photo, laser engraving has been proven to be the most reliable and cost-effective process available in the market. It has the ability to deliver high-quality results that is why it is no surprise why many industries around the world are choosing this process.

The good thing about photo laser engraving is that you have a wide variety of materials to choose from to engrave your photo. You can choose to use wood, plastic, glass, metals and even stones. This process is especially popular to people who want to turn their pictures into personalised and functional objects

If you have photos you want to cherish forever, especially if the photos are from the past, then photo laser engraving would be a great way to turn those photos into a beautiful piece of art. Here are some good reasons for choosing photo laser engraving.

Preserve your photos

It is quite easy to take photos and have them printed especially nowadays, with the help of technology. It is quite sad though that the longevity of pictures is not that long. Photo prints nowadays are not as tough as the previous generation. 

With laser engraving, you have a solid alternative of saving those wonderfully captured sweet memories. The good thing is you don’t have to worry about getting a frame because you can display it right away after the laser process.

It focuses on quality

While efficiency is important when it comes to handling photographs, you must also not ignore quality. With laser engraving, you will find this process both efficient and the results are high quality. Achieving the desired result can be difficult, but with this method, you can expect it to deliver the best results and maybe even more.

You can be sure that the photoengraving is clear, permanent and pays attention to details. Not only does this process make a perfect process on photoengraving but it can also be used in any application and still deliver the same great results. With laser engraving, you can be sure that quality is never taken for granted.

It provides an opportunity to experiment

Because of the level of clarity and precision of engraving, the level details you had in your original photo will surely be retained. Making a copy of your shot into a different surface made of different material will provide an opportunity for you to expand or enhance your portfolio. The process will give you a chance to bring out different aspects of your photo so you can play around with it and showcase your creativity that suits your mood. 

Sure there is photoshop. But take note that laser engraving offers different ways where you can experiment with your photo that you can’t find in photoshop alone or any photo enhancing applications.

Laser engraving is safe

With the traditional methods of duplicating photos into a different material, the process requires the use of harmful chemicals which is a potential health risk. There is a big focus on safety procedures under laser engraving. It doesn’t require workers to be exposed to harmful chemicals making the process safe. And since lasers are used together with a computer, this means it can be operated at a distance. 

Best for gifting

In addition to the above benefits, laser engraving photos is really a cool process. And since it offers you to use it in different materials, you can have photos engraved on functional objects like jewellery, books, plaques, etc. This provides a variety of options to make them a wonderful gift for someone.

So what do you need for this process?

To make this project successful, you will need a quality photo. By quality photo, we mean a photo with enough details. In short, choose a photo that is clear and in focus with not too much colour or noise. Next is a photo editing software. Choose the software that you are most comfortable with. Lastly, you need to have a laser engraving machine that is specially made for photoengraving. Note that the machine works in conjunction with a computer. 

You don’t necessarily need to buy a machine especially if you won’t use it for a long period of time. If you just need laser engraving for a specific project, then you just go to laser cutting services in sydney and avail of their engraving services. The good thing about laser engraving services is that you will have trained specialists to work on your project so you are guaranteed that they will deliver results that will meet your expectations. Doing it yourself may not give you your desired results especially if you have no experience and no knowledge about this method. It will only be a waste of material if you’ll end up throwing it away because of poor results.

If you want perfect results and highly detailed photo engraving, then go to those experienced professionals and let them take care of your art project.

What Areas Of Your House Should You Clean Up Before A Real Estate Photos Are Taken?

What areas do you clean up in your house before the real estate photographer turns up to take pics? Nearly all home buying starts online these days, and many prospective home buyers will make their first ‘visit’ to your home just by looking at the online photos. The wrong images can keep buyers away, and you’ll never even know. This is why you’re likely wondering what parts of the home you need to clean up before someone shows up to take your home’s real estate photos, pics, and images.

Truth be told, you need to clean up the entire home. Nearly every room is going to get photographed if not all of them. The first guiding principle that you want to adhere to is cleaning up the home as much as possible. The second guiding principle that you should follow is letting buyers visualise themselves in your home as much as can be done.

Clean your whole home, including vacuuming, mopping any wooden floors, and cleaning windows and countertops. Turn on all of your lamps and overhead lights so you can find burned out bulbs and replace them. It’s also a good practice to use bulbs of identical temperatures, such as all compact fluorescent or all incandescent. Again, turn off all of your ceiling fans. You want balanced and even lighting without distracting or blurry movements.

Turn off all electronics. Open up your blinds and window treatments to let the natural light outside come in. Makeup all the beds. Remove any personal photographs, or replace them with general object and landscape images.

Put all shoes and jackets into closets. Also, pull up any small rugs to reveal the actual flooring underneath.

It would help if you also focused on your home’s exterior, too, since the front exterior is commonly the first photo seen by buyers. If you have a garage, close the door. Also, move any cars out of your property or even in front of your home. Tidy up the landscaping by clearing leaves, mowing, and trimming shrubs.

Remove visible water hoses, empty planters, toys, and any sporting equipment. Also, use a broom to get rid of any cobwebs from door frames or eaves.

When cleaning up any room or area, keep in mind that you want your images to project a warm and inviting feeling. Each space should look as if it’s ready for a new family, but also be free of defects that might worry them about having to fix things. Every room has a purpose, and photos should convey that. Bathrooms should feel like a refreshing spa. Bedrooms are a place to rest. The kitchen and living room are places for entertaining and social gathering. Any exterior garden space is for relaxing under the sun.

If you want to make the most of your real estate photos, you might want to consider hiring a staging consultant, or even stage the home. The right decorations and furniture are an investment, but the reward is a higher home sale value.


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